Jimmy Reiter - Blues / R&B

This is the website of Jimmy Reiter, guitar player, singer and song writer.

Find out all the latest news about Jimmy, his band, releases and shows, as well as promotional downloads (infos and photos).

You can also purchase my solo CDs here.

Jimmy Reiter

I have been playing with the Jimmy Reiter Band in clubs and on festival stages all over Europe for several years. Previously, I was the lead guitarist with US Blues singer/harmonica player Doug Jay in his band The Blue Jays as well as supporting player for numerous international Blues artists on their European tours. In 2015, I released "Told You So", the follow-up to my award-winning debut album "High Priest Of Nothing" from 2011. I also play occasional gigs with other artists like Albie Donnelly, Memo Gonzalez and Dede Priest and can be heard on over 20 CDs by various colleagues of mine.

I'm going to be adding more stuff to this website, so please check back soon!

Hope to see you around!


New Album

Told You So
Told You So

Told You So

Find out all about my new album "Told You So" here!

The CD is available at your favorite CD store and as a digital download on iTunes etc. You can order it directly on this website as well by clicking on the "Buy Now" button!

for €18,70 including shipping outside of Germany. German customers please use this link.

Soul Guitar Guidebook

Soul Guitar Guidebook

Soul Guitar Guidebook

relase date:
July 28 2016

More info:
Soul Guitar Guidebook

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